Dance Play and
CSA Dance Masters

Why Dance?
Check out CSA Kids reasons below!
Children have the opportunity to frequently experience success, which makes movement pleasurable for them.  They are then more likely to become AND STAY, physically fit.
Good Posture and Coordination
Of course, good posture and coordination are two obvious benefits of our quality program.  They’re both required for healthy, capable bodies.  More importantly, they result in greater self-confidence and improved self-image.
Social Value
Movement education programs can help a child to adjust socially and emotionally because it can provide a child with successful experiences and permits interrelationships with other children in groups or partnerships.  Movement requires that a child be aware of others in activities in which he shares space…the child has to take turns and to cooperate.  Thus, they develop social awareness and achieve satisfaction through peer relationships and group play.
A Well Rounded Introduction to Music
Music is vital to the development of language and listening skills.  It’s believed that a child exposed to music has a greater motivation to communicate with the world.  We give the child a chance to fully experience music and its elements or stamp their feet to loud music—they’re feeling it.  And when a child feels something, it stimulates an appreciation for this valuable art form.
Creativity and Self-Expression
Danceplay emphasizes and promotes these traits by encouraging children to find their own ways of responding to challenges by allowing them to be individuals and asking them to imagine.
Stimulation of the Learning Process
By using a problem-solving method of instruction with the children, we are also enhancing their problem solving capabilities.  They’re going to discover that there will always be more then one way to solve any problem or to meet any challenges.






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Saturday: 8:00am-1:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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